Women’s Cycling Race Calendar

Posterboard Sample

Its here! The interactive, comprehensive and sometimes quite useful calendar that you can take with you everywhere!

All the key information for EVERY major women’s cycling road race! Dates, times, start location maps, race classifications, links to more detailed previews elsewhere on Velofocus.

The current, next races are always displayed at the top of the page. If for any reason you want to look back at past events then the “Previous Events” button is the one you need.

Overwhealmed by the number of races? Or looking for something in particular? Of course you can use the general search function thats on every page of Velofocus in the top right hand corner. Or, alteratively click the “Tags” box and filter the races by things like Country, discipline, UCI event rank, etc.

Not only this, there are FIVE ways to view the calendar! My personal favourite, and default option named Posterboard (as pictured above) or in more traditional formats by day, week, month and Agenda (which, you can see a “light” version on most pages).  To change the view click the button in the top left above the calendar when you visit the page.

Oh, and one final thing: You can add the race calendar to your own calendar. Simply click “Subscribe” at the bottom of the calendar and download the iCal to add to your Outlook calendar or whatever your prefered software might be. If you’re a Google man/woman then its even easier! 2 clicks “Subscribe in Google Calendar” button, followed by another to confirm your request to add it to your Google Calendar.

Hope you find the calendar useful. If you’ve got any suggestions, for the calendar dont hesitate to either leave a comment or contact me via the “About” page.

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