2017 Ladies Tour of Norway Prologue

Last year was my first year of shooting the Ladies Tour of Norway, but it was one of my favourite stage races. Ok, now that I think about it, I really enjoyed all the stage races: the Emakummen Bira, the Women’s Tour and the Thuringen Tour were all great races and each had its own highlight. Norway will be memorable for the good organisation, the understated but beautiful countryside and the salmon. We’ve eaten a lot of salmon already and the race has just begun. Looking forward to more racing and even more salmon in the coming days!

Kirsti Ruud prepares for the prologue

Anna Christian approaches the finish

Final instructions for Daria Pikulik the prologue

Chantal Blaak whizzes past Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team mechanic Richard Steege

Lensworld Kuota Cycling Team riders support their team mates from the comfort of their chairs

Daria Pikulik rides on the return stretch of the course

Christina Perchtold warms up for the prologue

Pauliena Rooijakkers covers the last fifty meters of the prologue

Christine Majerus accelerates out of the saddle

Hayley Jones leans into a corner after the start

Emilie Moberg rides past her supporters

Wiggle Hi5 Cycling Team riders and staff cheer Annette Edmondson

Anna Badegruber digs deep in one of the corners

Annette Edmondson recounts her race at the team bus

Ellen van Dijk walks to the doping control after winning the prologue

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