2017 Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour – Prologue

The last stage of the Giro Rosa took place only three days ago, but it feels like weeks have gone by. Being in Germany couldn’t be more different – it’s cool and rainy here, quite a change after the heat in Naples. The racing kicked off today with a short prologue and the weather was rather unpredictable. It started dry, then it started to drizzle a bit, then it rained cats and dogs and then the sun came out. The only constant factor was the strong wind – on the way back to the airbnb place, there were a lot of debris on the road.

Tomorrow, the race proper will start and the forecast doesn’t promise rain, so it should be a slightly easier day for the riders. We’ll see.

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Riders mingle with spectators near the podium before the start

Katie Hall smiles as she walks to the podium

I’m rather jealous of Trixi Worrack’s customised and personalised headphones

Ann-Sophie Duyck concentrates before she rolls to the start ramp

Trixi Worrack starts her prologue

Ann-Sophie Duyck is about to cross the finish line

Lauren Hall finishes the prologue

Lex Albrecth approaches the final corner of the course

Martina Ritter was one of the first unlucky riders, who had to contend with the rain

A CANYON//SRAM Racing team car follows its rider in the rain

Ellen van Dijk was one of the first riders to see the sun again

Tiffany Cromwell concentrates on the road ahead

Mountain-biking legend, the Norwegian Gunn-Rita Dahle-Flesja is riding for a German outfit this week

Katie Hall had a smaller crash (note her left lower arm)

Emma White ended up being the best young rider

Gracie Elvin in an aero position

The strong wind blew over the barriers

Rachel Neylan goofs around

Kasia Pawlowska clears the final corner of the course

Apparently, you get a big glass of beer if you make it to the podium

Lisa Brennauer says hello to her mum after the podium ceremony

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