2017 Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour – Stage 2

One of the things I like about the cyclocross season in the autumn is that when it is sunny, we get to shoot the last race during the golden hour. That very rarely happens during the summer, when most of the races start in the morning or at midday. However, today was one of those days, after rainy start, the finish line bathed in the glorious, late evening sunshine and made the last hour all the more special.

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Teams prepare for Stage 2 of the Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour

The ducks looked positively uninterested

Local spectators wait for the action

Polish National Team riders prepare for the stage

Roxanne Knetemann and Amy Pieters joke around

Spectators chat about the race in Auma

The peloton reaches Auma in the first lap

Marta Lach of Polish National Team rider leans into a corner in Auma

The peloton rolls through the countryside

Police moto riders change into waterproof gear at the bottom of Hankaberg in the second lap

A small group follows the attack up on the Hankaberg in the third lap

Tayler Wiles chases Lucy Kennedy up on the Hankaberg in the third lap

Lisa Brennauer leads the main group up on the Hankaberg in the third lap

Emma White balances at the edge of the road up on the Hankaberg

Daria Pikulik is cheered on by a giant clown up on the Hankaberg

Race organiser Vera Hohlfeld talks to German cycling legend and race ambassador Hanka Kupfernagel at the finish line

Lex Albrecht wins Stage 2

Shannon Malseeddigs deep in the final meters

Stine Borgli (NOR) of Team Norway crosses the finish line

Marta Lach Lex Albrecht watch the local choir

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