2017 Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour – Stage 4

Shooting time trials on your own is always difficult. First of all, shooting the warm-up is limited to before the race, so you are not going to catch the race favourites warming up, only the ones who start very early. Then you head out on the course and you constantly pull the start list out of your pocket, so you stay on top of who is coming, when your riders are coming, etc.

You walk around the course, trying to find good spots. You find a good one: it’s interesting, you can use a few angles. But if you stay there for the whole two hours, it quickly becomes boring, so you move on, only the next spot is not that great. Finally, the trickiest is not missing any key rider, who might win. Most of the time, someone from the last twenty wins the race, so you just make sure not to miss any of them. Today, it was Lauren Stephens, who was the 34th on the start line, who won and whom I missed. Things don’t always go to plan.

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Spectators are waiting for the start on the main square of Schmolln

Leah Thorvilson warms up

Mieke Kröger rolls off the start ramp

Karolina Perekitko accelerates uphill

Roos Hoogeboom rides uphill

Gracie Elvin descends

Laura Massey descends

Shannon Malseed tackles the first climb

Trixi Worrack digs deep on the climb

Lisa Brennauer on her way to third place

Eugenia Bujak tackles the final corner

Lisa Brennauer accelerates out of the final corner

Lex Albrecht chats to race organiser Vera Hohlfeld

Six feet for two riders

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