2017 Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour – Stage 5

Cycling is a cruel mistress. On the one hand, Ruth Winder’s and Lauren Stephens’ crash’s timing was as badly timed as it comes, eventual winner, Tayler Wiles had her fair share of misfortunes at this race. It happened only a few years ago, when she was misdirected and lost the race, with the finish practically in sight. It was a heartbreaking story (you can read it here, in her words) and today’s win probably was some sort of a consolation. Though nobody wants to win at the expense of their fellow racers’ health, a bittersweet win is still a win.

It was a hectic day to me, too, I almost missed the finish, when finally stopped behind the finish line, the race only two kilometers away. It was a lot closer than I prefer, but it allowed me to shoot a few frames at the top of the last climb. Six down, one to go!

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Ellen van Dijk shares a screen with her teammates

There is no stage of the Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour without grilled sausages

Mieke Kröger prepares before the stage

The peloton rides past Erbengrun

The peloton rides through Auma

The road of swannies

Rachel Neylan digs deep on a climb

Leah Thorvilson climbs with 30k to go

The peloton approaches the final climb of Stage 5

The breakaway approaches the top of the final climb

CANYON//SRAM Racing leads the chase

Roxanne Knetemann launches an attack near the top of the final climb

Tayler Wiles wins Stage 5

The thousand-yard stare

Ingrid Moe (NOR) her bike

Emma White was one of riders who crashed near the finish

Abby-Mae Parkinsonis consoled by her teammate after crashing in the final meters

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