2019 Emakumeen Saria

I don’t know what it is about Spain, but today I missed the finish for the second time ever in my career. The first one was in Spain, too, one of the Setmana Valenciana stages last February. This time, the culprit was a wrong turn. I was bang on time, cutting a bit too close, but it should have been fine. However, I turned on the wrong road at a tricky roundabout and it took me onto a road where I couldn’t turn around or turn left for three or four miles. At that point, I was ready to break some rules and cross the double yellow line, but the traffic was so heavy, it wouldn’t have been safe.

By the time I covered the extra distance and managed to get back to the finish line, it was mostly done and dusted. The first rider I caught was Jolien D’Hoore, which means that I missed the finish by three and a half minutes. I blame the learner driver in front of me in the last few hundred meters.

Now, a day’s rest is ahead of us, before the Emakumeen Bira starts on Wednesday! I can’t wait as this year, I’ll have a moto at my disposal, so I’m hoping to make the most of the amazing scenery.

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