Velofocus aims to be a source of news, race information and introduction to the world of women’s elite cycling.

After becoming a little disillusioned with men’s road racing a few years ago I went to watch Omloop het Nieuwsblad to see if it would reignite my passion for the sport. It did, but not in the way I imagined. I ‘accidentally’ saw the women’s race with the attacking, the passion and the effort of those across the spectrum of abilities and it struck a chord with me. My thoughts of watching the men’s race evaporated. I wanted to see more of this.

Returning home, I searched for information on the races, the riders, anything I could find about women’s cycling and the results were few and far between. The mainstream media largely ignored the existence of the women’s races. The odd race report, occasionally the results but more often than not, nothing. Podium Café was one of the few places I could learn more, and start to discover the personalities and backgrounds of the riders via their personal blogs and self-promotion in the absence of any alternative. I was hooked. Quietly following the patchy coverage I began to wonder “How many others come across women’s cycling by accident? They want to find out more but discover little, and give up.” So I decided to do my bit to try and get some information out there. That’s how velofocus.com was born.

The site has grown a little more than I expected both in terms of audience and resources required to keep the information flowing. If you’ve got any suggestions, questions, would like to contribute or even just want to say ‘hello’, get in touch using the form below or via Twitter, Facebook.

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