Sean Robinson

Tour of California 2019 – Stage 3

So that’s the end of this trip around the world for six days of racing! Who said cycling was good for the environment?! 😉 For me, three days isn’t long enough for a stage race. It’s over before it’s begun. There’s no time for stories to build and generate interest in the twists and turns […]

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Tour of California 2019 – Stage 2

We don’t get many days in the mountains on the women’s calendar so when they do come along they’re pretty special. And Mount Baldy just goes on, and on and on. Rarely is it REALLY steep, those bits are saved for the last few kilometres where you’re already exhausted. Final day tomorrow, then time to […]

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Tour of Chongming Island 2019

As if there was any doubt, Lorena Wiebes has arrived! I don’t think anyone has ever won all three stage at the Tour of Chongming Island? It’ll be great when we get back to full strength fields for sprint races and she’s giving Kirsten and Jolien a run for their money as the peloton’s top […]

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