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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 10

So that’s the Giro Rosa wrapped for another year. The Naples region has a bit of a reputation for crime so we were a little wary of walking around with expensive camera equipment hanging from our bodies before the stage. But there was nothing to fear. A local even brought me into a church to […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 9

Inaccurate course information on stages at the Giro Rosa is nothing new. Usually it’s a ‘secret’ climb or they enter a town from a different road to the one stated in the race book. Today’s stage was something else… Unbeknownst to us the race course had been changed. It seems teams were notified of the […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 8

A few days ago, I started my blogpost saying that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We stayed in an awful B&B last night, but the dinner near Baronissi was probably our most memorable of our dinners so far. You win some, you lose some. Today’s tough bit was the heat (obviously) and the […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 7

Unreliable course directions are a major course of frustration at the Giro Rosa. The road book lacks sufficient detail and rarely match what is raced on the day. But today that worked in our favour. We were keen to cover the major climb but there was an element of jeopardy in making that decision…  could […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 6

The situation behind the finish line at the Giro Rosa is always tricky. The near-complete lack of enforcement of the rules mean that the organisers not only place the photographers line way too close  to the finish line itself in case a sprint stage, but there is also very little control over who gets to […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 5

The Giro Rosa has a track record in recent years for brutal time trials and this year was no exception. We’d looked at the route on Streetview but that really didn’t do it justice. On the way to the start this morning we drove the route and it was tougher than we could ever have […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 4

You win some, you lose some. Today, we were not winning. Sean came up with a cunning plan of covering five spots, plus the finish. We had no idea that it would end up being one of the most hectic days of the year. We got to the first spot, but Sean warned me that […]

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Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 3

Day three and we were back on familiar turf. There’s been a stage here with similar courses for the last two, maybe in even three years (I lose count sometimes). Today we learnt that 4G in Italy isn’t always what’s on the box. Trying to upload photos on the road after the race and nothing. […]

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