Thoughts & Photos on the Road

OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2019 – Stage 5

We’ve reached the penultimate stage already. It’s been a long road to Wales, quite literally, I’ve already driven almost 1000 miles since Sunday! The setting for today was worth the distance travelled: Even if you’re never more than 50 centimetres from sheep shit, Wales is beautiful, especially when it’s not raining. I’d picked out the […]

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OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2019 – Stage 2

Driving over Dartford Crossing yesterday was a bit like entering Mordor: the clouds couldn’t have been darker and on the other side, a mighty storm awaited indeed. We all saw the forecast for today (clouds and maybe some sunshine), but it was difficult to believe that it could actually happen. So, it was pleasantly surprising […]

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2019 Emakumeen Bira – Stage 4

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun shooting a race. Even when I shoot a race from the moto, the peloton is so often together, that I find it difficult to shoot varied stuff, let alone cover all the clients in a meaningful way. But today was different. There were numerous […]

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2019 Emakumeen Bira – Stage 3

In the crazy moments of any race, it is rare you catch the same riders more than once, unless they are especially active. So, it was to my surprise, that I’ve caught today’s winner, Tayler Wiles quite a few times, even before her attack on the 1st category climb near the end. Her ride was […]

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2019 Emakumeen Bira – Stage 2

Races starting late are good and bad to equal measures. It’s good, because you have the whole morning to relax, there is no rush, no pressure. On the other hand, even short-ish stages, like today’s 110 km didn’t finish until half six. Add an another two-three hours of editing and an hour’s drive back to […]

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2019 Emakumeen Bira – Stage 1

It was a little more than a month ago, when I almost froze to death on the moto whilst covering (Liege)-Bastogne-Liege. That was one of the most miserable days I’ve ever experienced on a motorbike. Today was the rather different. It was sunny and the mercury reached 25 degrees, though in my padded jacket, it […]

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