Boels Ladies Tour 2018 - Prologue

I have little mental leaderboards in my head that rank races on certain criteria. Points related to things that make my time at races easier or more fun. e.g. best accreditation process, best route info, speed of turning around podium presentations etc. The leaderboard for ‘Best Press Rooms’ has a stand out winner, in another league to any of the competition. The Tour of California has by far the best press rooms: Located near the finish, well sign posted, plenty of seating, lightning fast internet and best of all, a huge buffet stocked with all you could want and more, even hot meals! When the alternative at women’s races is sometimes no press room at all, it has no rival. But today we have a new challenger, maybe not beating California, but its the only one that’s even comparable! Collecting accreditation this morning along with the usual vest, lanyard and stickers I was given a huge box with a packed lunch inside. Then back in the press room after, it was in a nice location, fast internet and we even got to have a bit of lasagne from the meal put on for some of the race volunteers. A well fed photographer is a happy photographer! 😉

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Karlijn Swinkels waits for her start time

Eri Yonamine prepares for the prologue

Julia Soek gets those legs spinning

A welly-bin at the course-side

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