Boels Ladies Tour 2018 - Stage 4

Wow Omer! That must have felt like a long day out solo on stage 4 of the Boels Ladies Tour! Every spot I went to, there she was plugging away alone, and building a healthy lead too. Only to be caught before the second time over the finish line in Weert.

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Mieke Kröger practices her football skills ahead of the Boels Ladies Tour 2018 – Stage 4

CANYON//SRAM Racing soigneur, Alessandra Borchi in the back of the team camper

Eri Yonamine talks about the confusion of the race’s hashtag, BLT with sandwiches

Mieke Kröger roars with laughter on the start line

Best placement of a piece of graffiti ever: “Move your ass” – Omer Shapira in a long solo move

Omer Shapira builds a healthy lead in her solo attack

Still solo!

Here come the peloton, still way behind

Omer Shapira remains alone on the first passage of the finish line

Anna van der Breggen enters the finishing circuit

Amy Pieters leads in the penultimate lap

Elena Cecchini speeds into the final lap

Simona Frapporti whizzes into the final lap

Another win for Amalie Dideriksen

Jelena Eric catches her breath. Just two days to go.

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