Boels Ladies Tour 2019 - Prologue

Usually at time trials you get one shot to make the shot for each rider, the layout of today’s TT was more like a cyclocross course (minus the mud), I reckon if you wanted to follow one rider around the track during their 3.8km dash you could have seen them seven or eight times! At some spots on the course it was almost making me dizzy: there’d be a rider coming from my right, one in front, one behind. Where to point the camera! 😀

Below is a small selection of photos from the race. As you may know by now, we’re almost at the end of our Kickstarter for The Road Book 2019, a 240 page coffee table style book of the women’s road season. Please check it out on Kickstarter and share with your friends.

Letizia Paternoster is ready very early for her TT time!


Timed to the minute – I can confirm Martina was on the rollers in time! 😉


Barbara Guarischi was talking a more relaxed approach to the TT prep.


So was Kasia…


… whilst her teammates got those legs spinning.


Martina Alzini covering every inch of the Tom Dumoulin course.


Rotem Gafinovitz  charges across the cobbles.


Jip van den Bos taking the cobbles in her stride.


Hannah Barnes speeds up the first climb.


Whilst Lizzie Deignan speeds down the second descent.


Elisa Balsamo has the top of the climb in her sights.


Floortje Mackaij dives into the final descent.


Lucinda Brand roars across the cobbles.


Amanda Spratt in her element on the mega-steep second climb.


Lizzy Banks runs across the course to…


… cheer on her teammate, Leah Thomas.


Leah Kirchmann puts the power down.


Annemiek van Vleuten speeding to another TT victory.


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