Boels Rental Ladies Tour 2017 Stage 2

I woke this morning to pouring rain drumming against the Velux window in the B&B. Opening my eyes it still looked dark outside. ‘Plenty of time for it to pass over before it gets light’ I thought and rolled over to go back to sleep. 30 seconds later my alarm started blaring! The rain poured down until the flag was dropped for the start of the race then remarkably disappeared for the rest of the day.

Apart from Eri Yonamine’s impressive ride nothing else really happened, so today’s selection of photos is a little tribute to the Japanese champion for giving me something to shoot today. 🙂

Moniek Tenniglo looks out at the rain.

At least Riejanne Markus can laugh at the conditions.

I promise this was taken today! The sun shone briefly in the opening kilometres as the rain dispersed.

Skylar Schneider & Tone Hatteland Lima through the trees.

Eri Yonamine escapes.

Eri Yonamine still solo.

Into the final lap, the break lead by Eri Yonamine have almost a minute advantage.

Yonamine is caught in the final two kilometres with Kirsten Wild going on to take the sprint finish with ease.

Eri Yonamine celebrates her performance with her teammates.

Eri Yonamine explains how she escaped.

A well deserved combativity jersey.

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