Boels Rental Ladies Tour 2017 Stage 3

Day three at the Boels Rental Ladies Tour and time for another time trial. Thankfully the weather improved greatly on the drive to Roosendaal. TTs can be tough to shoot as you rarely get more than one chance to catch the key riders but today I found a spot where I had riders coming at me from four directions! Which was handy when I completely messed up my first shot of Amalie Dideriksen, but did get a little confusing keeping track who was coming from which direction and when. I felt like a really bad traffic cop, failing to control the flow of traffic in every direction. Although two marshals standing on road out of town were super handy. They were reading out loud each rider that approached so I barely had to look at the starting order.

Marshals calling out the name of each rider on the way out of town.

Trying to fit as many modes of transport into one photo.

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