Boels Rental Ladies Tour 2017 Stage 4

As we reach the end of the season I think everyone’s a little weary or has an eye on Worlds. Much of the pre-race chat is around the race of how many races people have left this year (I have 12 race days, if you we’re wondering). It was great to see Lisa Brennauer getting back on the top step. Balint has covered all her wins this year, so it’s the first time I’ve seen her with her hands in the air since this race last year.

Other than the final sprint there wasn’t a whole lot to shoot, as nobody was really allowed to get away and the peloton stayed together. But I did meet a very kind man at my last spot before the finishing circuit. He said he knew some back roads to get into town, avoiding all the traffic and I could follow him. We went way off what the sat nav suggested, weaving down tiny roads and hopping through industrial estates. I got there with loads of time to spare before even the first passage of the finish line.

Looking forward to seeing some hills this weekend!

New toys in the team car or are they tools for visualising race strategies?

Birthday girl, Riejanne Markus brings her flowers to the team talk.

Hannah Barnes tries out the kid’s podium.

Cylance check out their selfie poses.

Thea Thorsen attacks.

Waiting for the podium…



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