Brabantse Pijl 2018

The Pajot Hills Classic has got a make over. Now part of the Flanders Classics series of races the route is a variation of previous year’s races with the omission of the Muur van Geraardsbergen.

Today was an odd day, our teams had decided to skip the race in favour of preparation for the upcoming Ardennes week. At first I was excited about the prospect of not having to make sure I got riders of x, y and z but once the race was underway it made me a little indecisive. When you can shoot anything it’s hard to decide!

Next stop is Amstel Gold on Sunday!

Servetto Stradalli Cycle Alu Recycling prepare for Brabantse Pijl

Making way in the trophy cabinet, a disgarded trophy behind the race HQ

Jessica Allen jokes with her Mitchelton Scott teammates at sign on

Eugenia Bujak answers questions from the media

New nails for Brabantse Pijl

Waiting for the race to get underway

The peloton along the rolling hills around Gooik

Check out the bouncing chain!

Kseniya Dobrynina in an early attack

Peloton weave through the countryside

There was a heated debate in the café in Gooik last night about whether Jolien or Marianne was going to win

The break hit the Bosberg

Jolien D’hoore climbs Bosberg

Lucinda Brand roars up Bosberg

Liane Lippert was on the front of the peloton so much today!

Liane again putting her face in the wind

Kseniya Dobrynina bouncing across the cobbles

Marta Bastianelli wins with plenty of room to spare

A surprised Lucinda Brand chats with her teammates after Brabantse Pijl 😀

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