Day 5 at Tour de l'Ardèche 2018

The penultimate day of Tour de l’Ardèche is done. As beautiful as it is I’m going to be pretty pleased when it’s finished tomorrow. Four or five hours a day in total travelling to and from stages makes it a pretty gruelling event to cover.

With one day to go Kasia Niewiadoma took the race lead whilst Ruth Winder won the stage. I’m not sure what happened to Mavi Garcia but she resembled a patchwork quilt on the podium, with bands covering her wounds.

Katherine Maine must be one of the most eternally cheerful people I’ve ever met whether it’s before a race or exhausted after she always seems to upbeat

Kasia Niewiadoma orchestrates a rendition of ‘Polska’

Stopped at the first rush point today so there wouldn’t be any debate about the result. Tanja Erath won with ease

The peloton head into the hills

Alice Cobb and Ingrid Lorvik chase Gebru

Lone leader Eyeru Gebru

Eyeru Gebru is still solo

Nikola Bagerova up in the clouds

The final feed: Apologies to Phoebe at Tibco: I gave her duff info on gaps in the peloton. I promise they were in groups when I saw them 8km earlier!

Kasia Niewiadoma follows in Katie Hall’s wheel

Ruth Winder wins the stage

Stage winner Ruth Winder gets a helping hand after the effort

New race leader, Kasia Niewiadoma recovers

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