Drentse 8 2019

Today should have been all about the new look VAMberg but the weather had other plans. Since I arrived in Dwingeloo it has been crazy windy and pouring with rain. This morning ahead of the race, the rain had cleared but the wind was still blowing and had brought some reinforcements! Just standing at the top of the VAMberg was hard enough, never mind trying to race up it! When only eight riders complete the full race distance you know it’s been a hard day!


Nicole Hanselmann prepares for Drentse 8 van Westerveld


Lisa Klein ahead of the race


Lizzy Banks laughs with Julie Leth at sign on


Ilaria Sanguinetti looks a little more serious at sign on


Marta Bastianelli chills on the railing waiting for the start


Out on exposed roads at Drentse 8


Amy Pieters has a dig but nobody follows


Guess who’s the Dutch soigneur? 😉 Geerike enjoys the windy conditions!


Here come the leaders on the VAMberg


Ellen van Dijk attacks the VAMberg cobbles


Claudia Koster battles the elements on VAMberg


Ella Harris charges across the cobbles


Kasia Pawlowska takes the climb in her stride



Aafke Soet has the top in her sights


Second time up the VAMberg for Lisa Klein


Lotta Lepistö stuck between the leaders and the second group on the road


Lizzy Banks attacks the VAMberg cobbles


Chantal Hoffmann has a pretty impressive goatee 😉


Support from the roadside for every rider


Amy Pieters across the final cobble sprint


Way to go Audrey Cordon-Ragot!


Ellen van Dijk: “It wasn’t so bad, you just have to keep pedalling”


Marta Bastianelli loves her bunny.

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