Durango Durango Emakumeen Saria 2018

Durango-Durango, the race that’s so good they named it twice! Well that might be stretching it a bit. This is my third time at Emakumeen Saria, Balint was here last year. Every year, I’ve been here I’ve come so close to missing the finish, today was no different. The last time in 2016 I stepped onto the road at the finish line just as Megan was coming into view. Fast forward to today, after finally finding somewhere to park in Durango I was walking with Anton, about 100 metres away from the finish and I started recounting the story of 2016. I got as far as “Do you remember when…” before I was interrupted by the sirens of the lead cars as they sped across the finish line. A quick dash later and we made it with a minute to spare!

I’m back on the moto for Bira, so no worries about finding somewhere to park and getting to the finish line in time! 🙂

Astana Women’s Team arrive

Anna van der Breggen signs lots of autographs!

True Grit (or Spit) Lauren Stephens on the long climb

Anna van der Breggen wins solo

Sharing the news of Anna’s win as the rest of the team cross the finish line

Race winning hugs

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