Festival Elsy Jacobs 2019 - Stage 1

Shooting races where the route doesn’t change from one year to the other are strange beasts. On the one hand, they make our lives a lot easier: you know the route, you know the shortcuts, you know how to get back to the finish when the jobsworth policeman forbids you to turn onto the road that you’d used every single time in the last few years. Long story short, it can be great.

The flipside of that coin is that every course has its limitations and there are only so many spots that are worth shooting. It was my third time on today’s course and it felt like I’m running out of spots. Luckily for me (less so for the riders), the rain lent me a helping hand and made it all look better and more challenging. It has to be said, that the greens are absolutely stunning in this time of the year, it is incredibly lush around here, I’m really enjoying just standing in the woods, taking it all in.

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