Flèche Wallonne Femmes - 2019

The first time I photographed Fleche Wallonne was in 2015. On the day before the race, I drove the whole route. It was rather different from this year’s, except from the final circuit. On the final circuit, I found a switchback, that I really like and I really wanted to shoot. It seemed like an easy task, as I had a motorbike at my disposal. Or so I thought. That was when I learnt, that for ASO races, you have to apply for accreditation not just for the people (ie. me and the moto driver), but for the motorbike itself. I hadn’t done that and thus I had to cover the race without a bike. It also meant that the switchback was out of the question, as I wouldn’t have reached the Mur de Huy in time, if I stayed there to shoot it.

In 2016, in my first year with Sean, we both covered all the Ardennes classics, but I was on foot, so my beloved switchback was out of bounds once more. Same happened on 2017, when we both were on foot, so we couldn’t even contemplate it. In 2018, Sean covered the race. Long story short, I was adamant on including the mighty switchback for today’s plan.

Well, it did work out, I’m not sure it lived up to all that hype, but I have scratched that itch, and can start the 2020 Fleche Wallonne with a clean slate!

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