Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 3

Day three and we were back on familiar turf. There’s been a stage here with similar courses for the last two, maybe in even three years (I lose count sometimes). Today we learnt that 4G in Italy isn’t always what’s on the box. Trying to upload photos on the road after the race and nothing. Desperately trying to will photos to upload and nothing! Two photos in 15 minutes, three in 25. We were getting desperate! Driving 20 minutes out of our way to a McDonalds to use their WiFi and it wasn’t working. The RoadChef across the road was no quicker than our phones. It shouldn’t be that hard! But we got there eventually.

In more positive news, we were almost as happy for Hannah’s win today as she was. She’s been close on so many occasions and that roar of achievement as she crossed the line will be something I’ll remember for a long time.

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Lisa Klein prepares for Stage 3 of the Giro Rosa.

DS’s keep getting younger!

Sabrina Stultiens makes her way to sign in.

Peloton speed by Park Mutera.

Miriam Bjørnsrud leans into a corner.

FDJ and Hitec Products leads the peloton.

Up above the rooftops.

Local pensioner looks out to see what all the noise is about.

Janneke Ensing takes on the main climb.

Marta Tagliaferro battles to stay in touch.

Molly Weaver gets a helping hand from a roadside fan.

Local kids run across the fields for a better view of the race.

Alexandra Manly leans into a corner on the descent from Ca’ dell Poggio.

Hannah Barnes the stage in a sprint ahead of Lotta Lepistö and Kirsten Wild.

Hannah Barnes screams in delight after winning Stage 3.

Elena Cecchini post-race celebrations.

Third on the stage, Kirsten Wild behind the podium on Stage 3.

Lotta Lespisto letting people at home know the news of the day on Stage 3.

Podium fun for stage winner, Hannah Barnes.

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