Giro Rosa 2017 Stage 5

The Giro Rosa has a track record in recent years for brutal time trials and this year was no exception. We’d looked at the route on Streetview but that really didn’t do it justice. On the way to the start this morning we drove the route and it was tougher than we could ever have imagined. The first climb at 15% was hard, the final ascent at 30% was something else! Gravity pushing you back into the car seat like an astronaut getting ready for launch along with the smell of burning clutches filling the air.

Having two of us at a time trial makes the day so much easier. When you’re on your own it’s difficult to shoot the warm up and the action. Today Balint spent the afternoon on the final climb, whilst I wandered around the team campers capturing riders getting ready.

And now we’re halfway through the Giro Rosa already! It seems Anna is on her way to another pink jersey but I get the feeling Annemiek will have something to say about that before we finish on Sunday.

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Leah Thorvilson warms up for Stage 5 of the Giro Rosa

Marta Tagliaferro is cheered on by Manel Lacambra.

The locals dressed a statue in pink to welcome Stage 5 of the Giro Rosa.

Clara Koppenburg warms up.

Running to the finish after a mechanical.

Nicole Hanselmann rides the final few hundred meters of Stage 5.

A police motorbike checks on the rider in his care.

Swannies wait for their riders near the finish.

Barbara Guarischi speeds by on a rare bit of flat road.

Miriam Bjørnsrud enjoys her time in the hot seat.

Emilie Moberg accelerates out of a corner.

Alexis Ryan warms up for Stage 5.

Anette Edmondson rides into the old town.

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig warms up.

Roxanne Knetemann pushes her bike after a wobble on the final climb.

Audrey Cordon Ragot charges down the start ramp.

Rozanne Slik begins Stage 5.

Amalie Dideriksen approaches the top of the final climb.

Romy Kasper jokes with Lizzie Deignan before taking to the start ramp.

Audrey Cordon-Ragot reaches the top of the final climb.

Eugenia Bujak approaches the top of the final climb.

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig shows off her Danish national time trial champion’s kit.

Hannah Barnes has the finish in her sights.

Coryn Rivera rocks up the final ascent.

Anna van der Breggen gets her countdown.

Hitec Products Cycling Team riders head back to the team bus after cheering on their teammates.

Claudia Lichtenberg enters in Sant’Elpido A Mare.

Shara Gillow grimaces up the final metres.

Anna van der Breggen speeds into Sant’Elpido.

Annemiek van Vleuten cools down after winning stage 5.

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