Giro Rosa 2019 - Stage 2

I may have seemed a bit negative in yesterday’s post: I was tired, it was late and the B&B was terrible. Tonight’s place is lovely, so suddenly the world seems like a much nicer place! 🙂

The start of stage two was funny: a gentle roll out of town through the neutral zone. Then about a metre past kilometre zero the road got steep, really quickly! Once the breakaway two got a gap, things seemed to calm down and before you knew it, the stage was finished. 78 kilometres really isn’t long enough to get a good haul of photos, although finishing early is nice! With some narrow roads in the first half once you’re behind the peloton, you’re stuck there for a good 15 km until there’s space to pass, that’s 20% of the race gone all for one photo spot! Looking at the map for tomorrow, I have eight locations I’d picked out that I’d like to stop for photos. I can’t remember what any of them look like, so I better wrap this up and have a little review before the race tomorrow. I’ll leave you with some photos from today…




























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