Giro Rosa 2019 - Stage 4

It’s a toss up between if there were more roundabouts or cars on the course today, and there were way too many roundabouts to count! A particular highlight was getting caught on the wrong side of a barrier on a dual carriageway and hurtling toward oncoming traffic, along with half the peloton. A day to forget and move on. I guess Nadia Quagliotto feels the same after her premature celebration. Did she not watch the highlights of yesterday’s stage?

A special thank you to Eloise from Tornanti. If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know I got stung by an insect. This morning my arm was a bit swollen, but by the end of the stage it was about 50% bigger than the other one and felt like it was about to burst! Eloise kindly came to the pharmacy with me to act as my translator. Hopefully the pills and cream will have me back to normal tomorrow!















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