Giro Rosa 2019 - Stage 7

The photographers’ finish line locations have been nothing short of chaotic this week: Everyone with an iphone has access, the line is often too close to the finish, cars driving right in front of the lead riders, organisers/police shoving everyone to the floor as the race is about to finish, incessant shouting, the list goes on… Riding up the final 500 metres of the course I was wondering what would greet me, on arrival I was pleasantly surprised. It was almost serene! There was space for everyone who needed to be there, everyone had a viewpoint and there was plenty of space for the riders to pass unobstructed. The only difference we could see today compared to previous occasions that could bring about such a change was there wasn’t anyone from the organisation ‘managing’ it!

The end of the race is definitely in sight: Tomorrow is the last time I have to check in to a hotel! 🙂
























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