GP de Plouay 2019

There’s one thing everyone talks about when they arrive for GP de Plouay. No, not the Ty Marec climb or how safe the circuit is (the course is shut down to any traffic for the entire race!) it that it’s so bloody far from everywhere. Even locals like Aude Biannic and Audrey Cordon-Ragot couldn’t argue about the long trip to get here as they were racing in Norway last weekend! 😀 We travel to far further places on the calendar but few are as challenging to get to as Plouay, especially for just one day of racing. Flights are limited or crazy expensive and the alternative to drive there seems to be the never-ending journey! This is my third Plouay in a row, I think Balint definitely owes me one next year! 😉

Next up is the Boels Ladies Tour, starting on Tuesday!

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Ella Harris prepares for GP de Plouay


Karol-Ann Canuel chats to Chantal Blaak at sign on



Clara Koppenburg admires all the camper vans that surround the course


First fan in the stands, I promise it did get busier!


First climb of the day: – To sign on

























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