Healthy Ageing Tour 2018 - Stages 3 a & b

A double day at the Healthy Ageing Tour and the sun came out to play. It seems Spring has finally sprung!

As expected, the afternoon TTT has all but ended the GC competition, with Boels Dolmans now comfortably occupying the top four spots in the General Classification. But a special mention goes to Virtu, securing second place in the TTT. Mieke Kröger had a very busy day, turning herself inside out on the TTT after being in the break on the morning road stage.

Here’s a small selection of photos from the day.

Stage 3a

Finding a place to change ahead of Stage 3a at the Healthy Ageing Tour.

Tanja Erath wraps up warm for the early start.

Anna van der Breggen in the bunch.

The peloton approach through the trees.

Mieke Kröger leads the break.

Lisa Klein extending her lead in the Youth jersey competition.

Stage winner Kirsten Wild.


Stage 3b

CANYON//SRAM Racing basking in the afternoon sun.

Kirsten Wild pins Rachele Barbieri’s numbers very carefully.

Netherlands national team warm up.

Rachele Barbieri makes her final preparations.

It’s that way -> Floortje Mackaij and the Dutch national team head out of Stadskanaal.

Christa Riffel in second wheel for CANYON//SRAM Racing.

Team Virtu Cycling Women have the finish line in their sights.

Hitec Products Birk Sport approach the line.

Floortje Mackaij and her Dutch national teammates fan out across the road with the finish line in sight.

Lisa Klein leads CANYON//SRAM Racing to third.

They may be in sync on the road but try getting all six of them to open their eyes at the same time! 😀

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