Healthy Ageing Tour 2019 - Stage 1

The travel itinerary for today at the Healthy Ageing Tour: Car ->Ferry->Train->Race and then reverse to get back to the race HQ. It’s a nice trip to Borkum and seeing the racing around the island, but wow it makes for a long day. We left Stadskanaal at 8:30 this morning and will return almost 12 hours later! Despite the long day, it was a fun to be at the seaside.

For the first time ever Anton was my chauffeur, driving me to and from the ferry port. I’m actually writing this in the passenger seat, on the drive back from the ferry. So if you don’t hear from me on social media later, please call an ambulance. He must have crashed in a ditch somewhere on the N33 between Eemshaven and Stadskanaal. 😉
















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