Healthy Ageing Tour 2019 – Stage 2

Before I get onto the really important stuff from today’s stage… Congrats Mieke, really happy to see you get the win! I’ve seen you try many times before and get caught at the last moment, so it was nice to see those efforts finally pay off.

Now the important stuff… Today was all about being chased by animals! At one spot there were swarms of birds circling above and I was trying to will them with my mind to do a Red Arrows style fly past, as the race approached, but the birds weren’t having any of it! Then, standing in a field full of little lambs, they started stampeding toward me. I thought I was a gonner! But managed to get over the fence just in time, getting a splinter in the process. (Thanks Lars and Alessandra for the safety pin to extract the splinter!)











Stampeding lambs!







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