Healthy Ageing Tour 2019 – Stages 4 and 5


With the double day on stage four and the long drive home after the final day I didn’t get the chance to do the daily blog updates so here’s a bumper selection from the final two days of the Healthy Ageing Tour.


Stages 4 A and B

When I rule the World my first act as ruler of everything will be to ban double days at races. They’re a mad rush trying to squeeze in shooting, get some photos out between the stages, travel to the next race and then a long night working on two sets of photos.

It had been cold all week but at the TT it was another level of cold! Thanks WNT for the coffee and Trek-Segafredo for the hot water bottle to stop my hands freezing whilst out shooting in the fields! Driving from stage A to B there was even a short snow storm! I was secretly hoping some extreme weather protocol might be called, but by the time we got to the afternoon stage the sun was out and temperatures had risen to a positively tropical 6ºC!

CANYON//SRAM Racing Physiotherapist, Lars Schiffner can’t believe how cold it is!


Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel


Aafke Soet laughs at the conditions


Rotem Gafinovitz eyes the road ahead









Anna Plichta tries to join the breakaway two


The breakaway companions, Anouska Kosterand Lisa Brennauer share a hug

Stage 5

The final day was the best of the lot weather-wise. I can’t imagine how stressful that final lap must have been for Lisa Klein trying to defend her yellow jersey, when you see Anna van der Breggen and Ellen van Dijk escape up the road!

Trek-Segafredo DS, Giorgia Bronzini chats with her team ahead of the final stage


Trixi Worrack prepares for the final stage







Boels Dolmans get a little TTT practice


Anna van der Breggen escapes


She did it!


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