Ladies Tour of Norway 2018 Stage 1

After Thursday night’s team time trial it was time for the proper racing to get underway on Friday at the Ladies Tour of Norway. There was so much wind sweeping across the beautiful Norwegian countryside. Upon arriving at the finish town of Mysen it was great to watch the final kilometres on the big screen whilst waiting for the riders to come into view. Live coverage of women’s races has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years but it still feels like a novelty to watch the race live on location with proper info graphics and everything.

Today was a stressful finish. I must admit I thought that Karo was going to stay away. When Emilia and Marianne appeared over the brow of the hill neck and neck I had no idea who was going to win. Add in a huge gap in the road between their charges for the line it was a struggle to fit them both in the finish line shot!


Julie Leth hides from the wind before Ladies Tour of Norway 2018 Stage 1


Grace Garner is teased by her teammates about her bobble hat 🙂


Rachel Neylan and her Movistar Women’s Team teammates on the way back from sign on


Guarding the Trek Drops camp


Puppy love


Liane Lippert and her reflection warm up for stage 1


Amalie Dideriksen spins the legs ahead of stage 1


Peloton crosses a bridge, a minute earlier I was attacked by the ants who’s nest I’d inadvertently laid in


Sunweb boss the front as the peloton cross a dam

The peloton approach



Locals wait for the race to arrive


Emilia Fahlin on her way to a second place finish


Looks like a bumper crop of marshmallows this year!


Abby-Mae Parkinson on the charge up the categorised climb


Riejanne Markus


Fans wait for the race to arrive in the final kilometre


Kirsten Wild speeds by


Karol-Ann Canuel still solo on the final lap


So close at the finish between Marianne Vos and Emilia Fahlin


Karol-Ann Canuel recovers after her solo effort with a little help from compatriot, Alison Jackson


Heia Coryn!


Ooof, that was close


A happy but hungry for more, Emilia Fahlin backstage after stage 1


Chiara Consonni waits to receive her best young rider jersey


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