Ladies Tour of Norway 2018 - Stage 3

That’s a wrap on a fun few weeks in Scandinavia. I don’t think their can be much doubt now that Vos is definitely back! Four wins from the last four road races doesn’t happen by chance. Now time to go home and get ready for Plouay next weekend closely followed by the Boels Ladies Tour. Here’s photos from the final day at the Ladies Tour of Norway.

Lisa Klein in the CANYON//SRAM Racing team meeting

Emilia Fahlin relives her time in an Abba tribute band

Julie Leth struggles to comprehend how Elisa doesn’t like Christmas

Jorge Sanz and Laura Weislo chat about their plan for the day

Eva Buurman gets ready for sign on

Saw this spot on satellite photos. I didn’t see the fence that blocked the way to get to the cliff edge but thankfully found a small hole in the fence and channelled my inner hedgehog to squeeze through

Lucinda Brand attacks the peloton on the categorised climb

The peloton approach the top of the climb

Riejanne Markus speeds through Prestebakke

Dani Rowe on the local laps around Halden

Ruth Winder on the local laps around Halden

Christine Majerus and Marianne Vos lead across the cobbles

Megan Guarnier speeds across the cobbles

Marianne Vos wins the final stage at Ladies Tour of Norway

Anouska Koster laughs with her teammates after the race

Marianne Vos thanks her teammates after winning all three stages at Ladies Tour of Norway


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