Ladies Tour of Norway 2019 – Stage 2

What a difference a day makes! After the torrential conditions of the previous day, stage two at the Ladies Tour of Norway felt like a completely different country as the race basked in the late afternoon sun. Thanks to some ‘MacGyver-style’ use of the hotel room hairdryer, bin and towels I was able to dry out my cameras and bring them back to life to capture the action after they died in the downpours of stage one.

Vos’ late attack and thrilling finish to the stage masked what was otherwise an uneventful day. On the drive back to Halden, Felix and I were talking about why there seems to be more dull race days than there used to be, and ideas for making the racing more exciting. My new favourite idea is a bit of a rip-off of the tv game show, ‘The Million Pound Drop’: Each team starts every stage with a million euros in prize money but for every kilometre that a team isn’t animating the race, they lose 10,000€ of that prize fund. 😀



Kasia Niewiadoma and CANYON//SRAM Racing Physiotherapist, Lars Schiffner dancing on the start line








A rare escape












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