Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour 2019 – Stages 2 & 3

A double helping of photos today as it was late and I was hungry by the time I finished the photos last night, so catching up with stages two and three today. I may have forgotten to put on suncream today: back of my neck feels like a radiator on full-blast right now! Hard to believe its already the halfway point!


Stage 2

Carmen Small shows Barbara Guarischi photos of her cats ahead of stage 2. Or maybe it was a course briefing…



Liane Lippert gets her arms warmed up for racing


Ice cream envy!




Alice Barnes in a long solo move






Marta Bastianelli wins!


Hannah Ludwig catches her breath



Synchronised drinking


Stage 3


A local wants to see what all the fuss is about



Worst picnic ever!






A marching band make their way to Hankaberg








The top of the Hankaberg







Vita Heine comes into view


Vita Heine wins!



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