OVO Energy Women's Tour 2019 - Stage 1

At the races I’ve done so far this season, I’ve been pretty lucky with the weather. There has been the odd day here and there that has been a pretty grim, but way better than last year where the spring felt like if it was a race day, then it must be raining cats and dogs. Balint on the other hand hasn’t been so lucky: regularly getting a soaking at the races he’s covered. Today we were both at the opening stage of the 2019 OVO Energy Women’s Tour and it poured down! Conclusion: Balint is cursed! But maybe be can start up a sideline business, renting him out to water starved regions!





























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  • Lyn Page 14/06/2019   Reply →

    Did you by any chance take a photo of the rickshaw that had a wheelchair and occupant in Beccles ?
    Stage 1 of the 2019 women’s tour on Monday 10th June. If so is there any chance of you sending me a copy as she is my daughter. I had to wait further out of Beccles to be with her as they waited for the riders to pass by so therefore missed getting a photo of her at the starting line up.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Lyn Page

    • Sean Robinson 14/06/2019   Reply →

      Hi, sorry we didn’t. I have seen one around though. I think the CCC team posted a photo.

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