OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2019 – Stage 4

It’s day four and the rain was once again relentless. It was also a day, when many of our plans to get around and to get to spots fell through and had to improvise on the go.

One of my spots, not too far from the start, was the road through the University of Warwick campus. A few months ago, on long weekend getaway, I drove through the same stretch of road and I thought during the planning that it could be a good spot. I hoped I could gain access to one of the buildings and shoot from there. The first disappointment was the lack of crowds. While we encountered almost everywhere great and enthusiastic crowds, it seemed that the higher education folks were not really into cycling.

As I was waiting for the race convoy to come, I started chatting to the security guy, asking about access to the nearby building. Although I was expecting resistance, him and his superior spent the next fifteen minutes trying to find me a spot that I liked and wasn’t used by students or staff. Sadly, the best spot would have been one of the meeting rooms, but it was busy, someone was already having a meeting there. How inconsiderate! I had to leave empty-handed, but I was impressed how helpful everybody was, even though there was no direct incentive for them to help me.

Two more stages to go and it seems the race is just getting harder!

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