OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2019 – Stage 6

Over the years I’ve been pretty lucky with cars, this week that luck ran out… Driving down to the start last Sunday my car broke down in Chesterfield. With no hire cars places open until Monday morning, I got two trains down to my parents and borrowed my Mum’s car for the week. Mid-week I was super-embarrassed at the petrol station when on the petrol station forecourt I couldn’t work out how to unlock the petrol cap (neither could the guy at the pump next to me) so made a trip to the local dealership to show me – I left it unlocked for the rest of the week. Then finally (hopefully bad luck comes in threes) on my way home after the final stage I got a puncture!

There’s a bit of a break in our race schedule now. For the next few weeks you can mostly find me with my head in maps getting ready for the big one: The Giro Rosa is just around the corner!


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