Ronde van Drenthe 2018

Two days into the UCI Women’s WorldTour and we’ve had two ‘mud face’ races. The rain wasn’t as bad as had been forecast the day before, but it doesn’t take much for the muddy cobble sections to throw up the dirt.

Apologies in advance, but I’m going to have a little whinge in today’s blog about the time it takes to arrange a podium presentation. One of the things photographers like to complain about between themselves is the time between a race finishing and the podium presentation. Our clients our desperate for photos straight after a race and we waste so much time waiting for that podium photo. Last year I looked at the time stamps on our photos and worked out we spent almost TWO DAYS waiting for podiums!

Ronde van Drenthe is one of the worst culprits when it comes to slow podium presentations. Then when it does begin it takes what feels like forever, with enough jerseys awarded to clothe a small village. It doesn’t make sense how a race like the Tour of California can have the podium presentation underway in ten minutes without fail, whilst others can take an hour or sometimes even more.

This year Drenthe had recruited marshals to make sure the required riders went straight to the podium after the race. It was still over half an hour before the presentation began and the process was so slow, we had an interval during the presentation to allow the men’s race to cross the finish line. By this point I was the only photographer left, the others had all given up on the presentation to go and work on their photos.

But enough of my griping, here’s a selection of photos from Ronde van Drenthe.

Anna van der Breggen arrives for Ronde van Drenthe.

The life of a busy soigneur.

Charlotte Bravard was so excited to find the sign on table! 🙂

Lourdes Oyarbide on the start line.

Descending the VAMberg.

Close finish!

Chloe Hosking’s high five with the jive bunny.



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