Santos Women’s Tour Down Under 2019 – Stage 2

I made the mistake of reading an article about all the dangerous animals in Australia a few days ago. So have spent the last few days whilst standing at the roadside in long grass thinking ‘Any second now, some giant snake is going to take me down and I’ll be lost out here forever!’ It turned out today something a little smaller would have a go at taking a bite out of me… Trying to shelter from the sun next to a bush I felt a stinging under my eye. Throwing off my sunglasses I grabbed at my eyelid and found the biggest Ant I’ve ever seen trying to take a bite out of me. Then looking down there were loads of them all over my legs!


That wasn’t my only animal encounter of the day. My alarm started blaring at 4:30 as I wanted to drive the course to check out some spots before the race. The sun was rising across the vineyards and everything looked beautiful and serene when all of a sudden there’s this bounding grey lump jumping down the middle of the road in front of me: the first time I’ve seen a kangaroo in the wild.


Seen a kangaroo – Check!

Eaten alive – Check!

Can definitely say I’ve been to Australia now! 🙂


But enough of my day, you came here for the photos. Here’s a selection from a scorching day at the Santos Women’s Tour Down Under.


Stepping up to get the bikes down from the van roof

Valerie Demey in the sunshine ahead of stage 2

Letizia Paternoster has her race radio fitted

The peloton approach

It’s all vineyards, no towns on the signs around these parts

The first break of the race

Amanda Spratt solo on the final climb

Just 1km to go!

Lucy Kennedy on her way to a second place finish

The finish gets a little closer

Almost at the end of a scorching day in the saddle

A new race leader at the halfway point!

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