Santos Women’s Tour Down Under 2019 – Stage 3

One of the conversations that crops up the most at races when people hear I’m from the UK is: ‘How do you cope with driving on the other side of the road all the time?’ To be honest, I’ve never had a problem with it, you just have to look a bit harder when changing lanes but driving in Australia should be a breeze as they’re lefty drivers too. It turns out I’ve had more trouble driving here than anywhere: The indicator stick is on the wrong side! Every time I go to make a turn, on go the windscreen wipers! So apologies to all the drivers who’ve been around me this week!

It was so much cooler than yesterday. It would still be considered a really hot day at home but after stage 2, it felt almost chilly at the start.

Rally UHC Cycling make a plan for the day

A team car with these race snacks? I know what car I’d rather be in! 🙂

‘Is there anything in my teeth?’

The peloton approach through the trees

Riabchenko escapes

Alison Jackson leads the bunch with 10km to go

Grace Brown wins!

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