Amstel Gold Race

Amstel Gold – Ladies Edition 2019

The first race of the season on the moto is always an overwhelming one. It opens up a lot of possibilities, but it has its own challenges: if I pick a spot I really like, I’ll miss another, nearby spot I also really like. You look at timings over and over again, try to find […]

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Amstel Gold Race 2018

Well that was a weird start to Ardennes Week! When all the big teams get in a break it sticks! After the split at the top of Keutenberg, if was tough to get some proper ‘action’ shots as everyone seemed happy with the status quo. I spent a lot of time yoyo-ing between the escapees […]

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Women’s Amstel Gold Race 2017

There we have it, the first Women’s Amstel Gold Race in ages! Super-happy for for Anna van der Breggen getting the win today. It’s nice to see a ‘Dutchie’ winning a big race at home. Although Anna’s victory is only the second best thing I saw today, after pulling up outside our apartment for the week, […]

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