Worlds Elite Women’s Road Race 2017

Three in row for Boels Dolmans. If they carry on at this rate those stripy armbands as former world champions are going to become part of the standard team kit! I spent most of the day trying to get lots of Norwegian flags in the photos. Then when you really don’t want one: at the […]

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Worlds Elite Women’s Time Trial 2017

Not going to lie, I could feel my eyes getting a little wet watching Annemiek’s celebrations today. I really wanted to be there for the winning moment, whoever was going to win, which meant not straying too far from the start/finish area during the race. It was definitely worth the sacrifice. Hopefully journalists can stop […]

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Worlds Team Time Trial 2017

Nine teams on the start line makes for a frantic 25 minutes of shooting and then it’s all over before you know it. Then i almost missed Sunweb! I was just about to try and dash to another spot, expecting FDJ to be the next team to come into view. The next thing I know […]

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