Drentse 8

Drentse 8 2019

Today should have been all about the new look VAMberg but the weather had other plans. Since I arrived in Dwingeloo it has been crazy windy and pouring with rain. This morning ahead of the race, the rain had cleared but the wind was still blowing and had brought some reinforcements! Just standing at the […]

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Drentse 8 2018

I think this is my fifth time covering the Drenthe races and over the years I’ve grown quite fond of Dwingeloo, the village that hosts Drentse 8. It’s a cute little place centred around a village green with a thatched bandstand, surrounded by a disproportionate number of nice cafés and restaurants given the population. There’s […]

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Drentse 8 2017

So that’s the Drenthe weekend done for another year. Five times up the Vamberg and almost 300 kilometres in racing must have caused some tired legs leaving Dwingeloo this evening. Six races into our season now and we’ve had six different winners from five teams. 2017 looks to be shaping up to be a great […]

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