Gent Wevelgem

Gent Wevelgem 2019

Gent Wevelgem, the start of a huge week of cycling in Flanders, culminating in the REALLY big one next weekend. As the alarm starting blaring this morning it felt way too early: Losing an hour for Summer time and another coming across from the UK yesterday was a struggle! Not much to say about the […]

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Gent Wevelgem – Elite Women 2018

The new women’s course for Gent-Wevelgem is awesome! Last year I didn’t even bother leaving the Kemmelberg between the ascents in the middle of the race, as there wasn’t much to see before they’d be back again. But this year I wanted to be everywhere! In the races so far this year I’ve been ‘stressing’ […]

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Gent Wevelgem 2017

The last two year’s at Gent Wevelgem have been off the charts windy but today, Summer seemed to have come early to Belgium. Aeroplane trails being the only imperfections on a clear blue sky. A bit like a reversed version of Lotta Lepistö’s national champion jersey. Here’s a few photos from the day. Next up […]

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