Janneke Ensing

Peloton pass underneath at Le Samyn des Dames 2018 - a 103 km road race on February 27, 2018, from Quaregnon to Dour, Belgium. (Photo by Sean Robinson/Velofocus.com)

Le Samyn des Dames 2018

After thinking the weekend was cold, today reset the benchmark on what a cold race is really like! At the start it was -5°C (23°F for American’s) add in the wind and it felt much colder. One of camera’s didn’t like it either. It started ‘glitching’, I had to take it inside for a while […]

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Boels Rental Ladies Tour 2017 Stage 6

Today marks the end of our last stage race of the season. It’s all one day races from here on out. If teams weren’t worried about the Dutch team at Worlds already, they definitely will be now. Only Lisa Brennauer managed to break the run of Dutch stage winners this week. Next stop Madrid for […]

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