Jolien D'hoore

Madrid Challenge 2017

That’s the Women’s WorldTour done for another year. I was determined to find new spots to last year which proved tricky given the course. You can see the race almost limitless times, but interesting spots are harder to come by. Yesterday, I found a great window in a shop on Gran Via but when I […]

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Tour of Chongming Island 2017 – Stage 3

The Tour of Chongming Island is a wrap for another year. The Stage three is by far the most picturesque of the race, going through some beautiful parkland on roads that aren’t as wide as airport runways. There were huge crowds in all the towns we passed through today. Whilst I didn’t count them all I’d […]

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Tour of Chongming Island 2017 – Stage 2

The mid-point of the Tour of Chongming Island already. I finally seem to have shifted the jet lag, just in time for the 15 hour time difference travelling to California on Monday! At 135 kilometres stage two was the longest of the race, but to be honest it could have been 100km shorter and we’d […]

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