Vårgårda Road Race 2018

A 141 kilometres of racing that starts at 17:10 meant a late night editing photos was guaranteed. But with the the long summer nights in Sweden, if the weather was kind it would all be worth it! It doesn’t get much better than Scandinavian Summer evening when it comes to taking photos. Add in beautiful […]

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Vårgårda Team Time Trial 2018

During the course of the season I’ll spend upwards of 180 days away from home. I’m not sure you can still call a place home if you’re away so much but anyway… I get to see some truly beautiful places, but they aren’t the places that I enjoy visiting the most. Races take you back […]

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Vårgårda Team Time Trial 2017

If I could change just one thing about cycling it would be the time of day we have races. Races are usually held in the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky, it makes for really bad light for photos. But then races like Vårgårda come along with their 17:30 […]

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